Sponsors and dramaturgical support:

Sigma Aldrich
Playwriting Australia

Reviews, Articles and Publications:

Yarn Magazine
RMIT Radio
RealTime Arts
ABC Arts Airplay
Philament journal
Experimental art foundation: Art / Biotech
Realtime review: Knit two together
Synaethesia for all Samara Mitchell at the Australasian Computer Music Conference
Performance and Publication Bibliography
DNA in a suitcase: Border Transmissions and Hybrid Bio-Collaborations in BioHome: The Chromosome Knitting Project
Evolution, Mutation And Hybridity In Bio-Performance Practice: Wet Biology And Hybrid Arts In The Performance/ Installation Biohome-The Chromosome Knitting Project
Powerpoint presentation at Philament Liminal
Evolution, Mutation and Hybridity: Audio Arts and Live Biotechnology Recordings
Stillness and Presence in the Performance and Sound Design of BioHome: The Chromosome Knitting Project
Review by Alison Lyssa

Bioartists, Organisations and Bioart activists:

The Tissue Culture & Art Project
Marta De Menezes
Critical Art Ensemble
Kat Mazza
Kat Mazza - Works
Kat Mazza - Testimonies
Gina Czarnecki
Julie Freeman

organism - making art with living systems
BioTecknica - Shawn Bailey + Jennifer Willet
THE MEATRIX -Fight Factory Farms!
SymbioticA - art & science collaborative lab
Australian Network for Art and Technology

Ethics and Genetics research sources:

Center for Genetics and Society
Science Daily
Cloning Fact Sheet
Stem Cell Information
Human Cloning - news and links
cloning research
Genetic Science Learning Center
Faculty of Arts, UOW, Bioethics research project
Women on Waves
Bioethics world congress

Biotech Companies and Cryobanks:

My Cord Blood
Scandinavian CryoBank